Why choose APKIM to take your Marriage Course?

You will only get the best from us. Our trainers are highly sought after as they are among the most experienced and highly knowledgeable in their areas. You get to choose the type of courses that suits you best.

  1. Course was developed by people with extensive experience in Singapore marriages 
    - we are in the line of helping marriages since 1993
    - we handle divorce cases from Syariah Court.
    - we have helped couples resolve and reconcile instead of divorcing
    - we work with couples in trans national marriages from various parts of the world and are trained in cross cultural issues in marriages.

  2. You can choose the type of course that suits your personality, schedule or preference
    - want a personalized session? Opt for our 1 day course
    - prefer a group setting? Opt for our 2 days group course
    - tight schedule? Opt for our 1 day course. You get to choose your own course dates available almost daily!
    - don’t like a lot of group discussions/presentations? Opt for our 1 day course, the small group workshop in the afternoon session has couple discussions so you don’t need to discuss with other people.
    - prefer activity based and group discussions? Opt for our interactive 2 days group course.
    - want an exclusive course throughout the day just for the 2 of you? For an additional $50, you will be assigned a personal Educator for the entire course.

  3. APKIM’s extensive expertise and exposure
    - We trained other Marriage and Family Life Educators: we conducted several Train-the Trainer workshops for them
    - We developed and conducted marriage enrichment programs for mosques, MSF, Inspirasi Hub and Family For Life Council (Family365 programs)
    - We are the only appointed agency to conduct the enhanced Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Program for transnational marriages
    - We are accredited to conduct Marital First Responders training for community leaders/trainers
    - We provide free marital counselling by Professional Counselors to our participants
    - Our Counselors are professionally certified and have extensive experience in the helping field. They have handled cases referred by Syariah Court and Family Court for marital and family violence cases.
    - Our Trainers are highly sought after, they have been invited to speak at various platforms such as the annual events of Marriage Convention, Parenting Congress, Forums and Radio Warna

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About Us

APKIM RESOURCES was founded by Almarhum Ustaz Abu Bakar Hashim, a renowned Singaporean Community activist who had retired from the position of the President of the Syariah Court. Established since 1993, APKIM has been providing services relating to family life.
Address: 2 Kallang Ave CT HUB 1 #09-14 Singapore 339407
Telephone: 65 6295 1011
Email: info@apkim.com

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