For Married Couples

Different Yet In Sync Series
Do opposites really attract? 
Do you want your partner to be more understanding of you?
You love your partner but at times, he/she just makes you want to pull your hair out...

Learn how to make your differences work for you by attending the 'Different, Yet In Sync' workshop that aims to make differences work in a marriage. 

What you will get out from this workshop:
  1. Understand your partner's differences.
  2. Appreciate your partner's contributions 
  3. Recognise the possible reasons for your conflicts
  4. Strengthen your communication and bond
APKIM's signature Different Yet In SyncSeries is a workshop that aims to make differences work in a marriage. 
Join our fun and interactive workshop 
Making Your Personality Differences Work For You: Different Yet In Sync Series 1

Sometimes we argue over the simplest of things and it adds up & frustrates us. We may find ourselves being married to someone who seems so different from us. This workshop will examine the cause of the differences & how we can manage them to work for our marriage. How do we talk differently so that the message gets across? How do we adjust our approach so that our quarrels are minimized ? Understand couple personality and use it as a powerful tool to deepen bonds. 

Sign up for Different Yet In Sync Workshop Series 1 and make your differences work for you.
Turning towards each other for a stronger Us: Different Yet In Sync Series 2.

For most of us, married life can get quite mundane, be rather chaotic or at times, be pretty confusing. We may find ourselves wondering;What is really going on right now? Having a structured way to look at things can make it easier to make sense of what is happening. Couples find it useful when they are able to understand the different areas in their marriage and learn ways to dialogue about them. 

Gain clarity and learn the skills to discuss those areas by using the RAM model. 
Sign up for Different Yet In Sync Workshop Series 2: Turning Towards Each Other For a Stronger Us and discover the different ways that can work for you.

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