APKIM Resources (Reg No 49699000L) was first established in 1993.

APKIM provides consultation on matters relating to marital relationships and Marriage Guidance Courses.

Since 2005, APKIM has expanded its role to provide services for married couples and families. It started partnering the Syariah Court under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) in the Marriage Counselling Program r Mandatory Counselling Program with MSF for Family Court cases and Adoption services, accredited by MSF to provide Home Study Report.

APKIM has also conducted numerous parenting and youth programs and has worked with the Family For Life Council, Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF), various organizations, schools and Health Promotion Board (HPB) to bring the programs to the workplaces and community.

APKIM has been approached to conduct various Train the Trainer workshops for Marriage Educators and community leaders/volunteers; developed and conducted various programs for organizations and conducted workshops and talks at workplaces, schools and mosques. APKIM was recently invited to conduct its Marriage Guidance and Enrichment Course in London and Australia.


Ustaz Sallim Jasman:Advisor/ Retired Senior President Syariah Court
Marriage Educator / Kadi, ROMM

Siti Adilah Abu Bakar:Director/ Marriage Educator / Counsellor
Accredited Triple P and MFR Trainer/ Quit Consultant CQSC lvl2

Roslinda Md Solihin:Master Trainer/ Head, Adoption Services
Certified Human Behaviourist / Accredited Triple P and MFR Trainer

Murni Abbas:Senior Counsellor/ Marriage Educator
Accredited Triple P and MFR Trainer / ex Syariah Court Manager

Suzilawati Paiman:Resident Counsellor/ Marriage Educator
Accredited Triple P Practitioner / Quit Consultant CSSC lvl 1

Azhanani Kamis: Counsellor / Marriage Educator
Accredited Triple P and MFR Trainer

Hajjah Saudah Haji Shafii:Counsellor / Marriage Educator, ex Syariah Court

Norsiah Rejab:Counsellor / Accredited Triple P Trainer

Badrolhisham Abd Shator:Operational Manager, Quit Consultant CQSC lvl 2

Muchtar Abd Karim:Adjunct Trainer / Quit Consultant CQSC lvl 2

Mohd Rani Md Yunus:Adjunct Trainer / Quit Consultant CQSC lvl 1

Hanisah Maskon:HSR Assessor/ Quit Consultant CQSC lvl 1

Nurulain Mustafa:Counsellor

Ustaz Abdul Mateen Abu Bakar:Resident Scholar/ Marriage Educator
Certified Human Behaviourist / Quit Consultant CQSC lvl2

About Us

APKIM RESOURCES was founded by Almarhum Ustaz Abu Bakar Hashim, a renowned Singaporean Community activist who had retired from the position of the President of the Syariah Court. Established since 1993, APKIM has been providing services relating to family life.
Address: 2 Kallang Ave CT HUB 1 #09-14 Singapore 339407
Telephone: 65 6295 1011
Email: info@apkim.com

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