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Marriage Preparation Course
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Marriage Preparation Course


Marriage Guidance Course (Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga) was first initiated in Singapore in the year 1968 by the late Ustaz Haji Abu Bakar Hashim, the founder of APKIM Resources, who was then working in the Registry of Muslim Marriages. Since then, Muslim couples who are about to get married would attend the course before they solemnize their wedding. The syllabus of the course had been reviewed over time to ensure it remains relevant and current to the needs of the couples.

How the Marriage Guidance Course (Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga) is conducted?
APKIM is offering two types of Marriage Guidance Course, the 1-day personalized session and the 2-days group workshop (Cinta Abadi).

APKIM 1 day personalized Marriage Guidance Course

The personalized session allows the addressing of the individual couples’ concerns to help the couples prepare themselves for their marriage. It is designed as an intensive and holistic session for today’s couples, conducted either in Malay or English.

As a supplement to the session, reading materials are provided. It will provide details of what is being discussed in the session. On top of that, the couples would go through a course guide handout used during the session .

APKIM Marriage Guidance Course is a one day course which starts at 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. It is conducted daily , from Mondays to Saturdays and one Sunday of the month. We are closed on Public holidays.

The one day courses is made up  of 2 sessions:-
9.30am - 12.30pm       :       1st session; personalized pre marital guidance session
2.00pm - 6.00pm         :       2nd session; small workshop session with other couples discussing relevant issues in a marriage.

 APKIM conducts the workshop on scheduled dates as follows:

2016 Cinta Abadi

16 & 17 Jan (Malay) Apkim, Arab Street

13 & 14 Feb (Malay)Apkim, Arab Street (Admended)

5 & 6 Mar (English)  Geylang West CC (Admended)

2 & 3 Apr (Malay) Geylang West CC

7 & 8 May (English) Apkim, Arab Street

4 & 5 Jun (Malay) Al Ansar Mosque

30 & 31 Jul (Malay) Woodgrove CC

13 & 14 Aug (English) Apkim, Arab Street

17 & 18 Sep (Malay) Apkim, Arab Street

1 & 2 Oct (English) Geylang West CC

5 & 6 Nov (English) Woodgrove CC

3 & 4 Dec (malay) Al- Ansar Mosque

Who is eligible to attend the APKIM Marriage Guidance Course (Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga) or Cinta Abadi-kini dan selamanya?
The course is only opened to those who are above 21 years old and have never been married before.

What’s the Fee?
For the personalized 1 day session:
$300 per couple (Mon to Sat) in Malay
$320 per couple (Sundays) in Malay
$400 per couple (Tues & Sat) in English

For CINTA ABADI- 2 days group workshop(inclusive with lunch and tea breaks)
 $260 per couple for both English and Malay workshops

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