Wed, 2 Sep 15
Know more about the course
Unlike other Marriage Guidance Course, our pre marital course provides a personalized individual couple session which include addressing the individual couples’ concerns to help the couples prepare themselves for their marriage.
Marriage Enrichment : Couple Retreat Mini Series
Well loved by our past participants, APKIM marriage enrichment program will be run on a quarterly basis to allow more couples an opportunity to attend. Different topics will be covered in our upcoming Couple Retreat Mini Series
Marriage Preparation Course (Group) ~ Cinta Abadi
Marriage Preparation Course in group "Cinta Abadi are offered in Malay (3 & 4 Oct 15) at APKIM. Limited places available!! EMAIL US AT INFO@APKIM.COM
Adoption Services
ACOSS has just added a new service to its list of services to families. The Centre for Adoption Services was officially launched on 31st July 2011.
Siri Syurga Dunia
Rahsia Menambat Hati Pasangan
Macam kucing dengan anjing…pasti bergaduh selalu! Ini kerana si kucing dan si anjing banyak perbezaan, antaranya dari segi tabiat, sifat dan bahasa.
Siri Ibubapa Berjaya
Rahsia Mendidik Anak Cemerlang dari Alam Rahim
Siri ini akan membantu pasangan yang baru berumahtangga dengan tips-tips agar anak-anak yang bakal dilahirkan berpotensi menjadi anak cemerlang.
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